‘Hello, Lost Girl’ melds together the unique work of various illustrators through one common factor

Hello, Lost Girl
Art zine, okok Fine Collective, 12 pgs

Hello, lost girl consists of a number of illustrations from okok Fine, a collective mostly composed of recent graduates of Sheridan College’s renowned illustration program. Yet despite overlapping training, each contributor’s work is wholly distinct, united only by colouring aside (rich orange and green tones, printed on a Risograph.

The zine’s theme, which is meant to be “a lost girl in different situations,” is sort of nonexistent. The title is there, but it almost feels like a placeholder. This is, of course, a bit of a nitpick, but it’s also the only real issue I have with the zine. Ultimately, the lack of a uniting theme is probably irrelevant in this case, as each member’s work is strong enough on its own. Each contribution hits uniquely, from the thin lines of the pieces that open it, to the thick and hyperstylized aesthetic that takes over towards the end. This is the first zine from okok Fine as a group. If they’re starting off this well, I’m eager to see what they all do next.