Laura Rowley recalls her experiences with endometriosis in ‘Endon Metra Osis’

Endon Metra Osis

Perzine, Laura Rowley, 20 pgs, Illuminated Press,, @illuminatedpress

Most humans with a uterus can relate to the piercing pain of menstrual cramps. For some, they come and go; for others, they are persistent and unbearable. Endon Metra Osis by Laura Rowley explores and educates about endometriosis, a condition that occurs when “cells from the lining of the uterus attach to other pelvic organs” and make it difficult for blood to exit the body during menstruation.

Printed in black and white with random pops of pink and blue, this first-person perzine takes the reader through the writer’s own experiences. It’s based three years after her struggle began, and she recalls everything the condition put her through, like pain medication, hormonal therapies, and surgery after a stressful search for a diagnosis.

When I first picked up this zine, I was intrigued by its right angle triangle shape. After opening it up, I realized that the upside-down isosceles triangle spread resembled the shape of the reproductive system. A geometry and biology lesson in one!

It’s pretty clear that a lot of time and effort went into this zine, and it really is a nifty, practical little guide. I’d recommend this to anyone. Many readers may simply learn a thing or two about a stigmatized and complex condition, but this will be a welcome resource to those suffering from the same condition, especially to know they’re not at all alone.

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