(Re)-introducing our second judge for the Zine Awards 2020: Billy McCall

Four years in, it’s becoming a fun and generative tradition to invite the Overall Zine winner from the previous year to be a judge – a passing of the golden stapler, if you will, that extends the Zine Awards’ goal of introducing valuable zine endeavours and their creators to others like them, and to the world at large.

So we’re glad to keep that tradition going! Introducing, judge number two for our Zine Awards 2020 line up… Billy McCall!

This guy is a powerhouse, and his ongoing commitment to zines, writing, self-publishing and community is a downright inspiration. McCall took home Zine of the Year in the 2019 Zine Awards with issue 28 of his perzine Proof I Exist,  which he continues to produce alongside his work-diary zine Last Night at the Casino and the bi-annual journal of zine culture, Behind the Zines, which he founded and edits. Though each of these projects is unique, he is widely known for masterful reflections of his life experiences which together have offered impact and insight to countless readers. Sometimes raw, sometimes goofy, McCall’s work is sure to offer any reader some valuable gem of truth — his truth, or yours.  McCall also writes novels, plays music,  and is behind the mythological Zine game! So obviously, we’re pretty glad to have him on board for the judging process. 

Get your copy of Proof I Exist #28, available for $3 at the Broken Pencil Zine Store.