Seven Stories Press added to the Deathmatch Prize Pack


The Deathmatch prize pack is now wrapped up with the inclusion of Veronica Lui from Seven Stories Press. Broken Pencil is honoured to have Veronica on board with experienced knowledge of the publication world, but also of DIY publishing and community building. Seven Stories is fearless press, both with its fiction and political non-fiction.

les_first_ride_2Veronica Lui has been an editor at Seven Stories Press since 2006 and was formerly a publisher at Fractious Press. In 2011, she founded the community bookstore Word Up, a membership-based literary collective and art space. She was also active in the Seven Stories Institute which was designed to circulate books in underserved populations.

sevenstoriespresslogoNew York based Seven Stories publishes works of the human imagination—sometimes in the form of fiction and literature, sometimes in the form of political nonfiction and sometimes in a hybrid form that has elements of both. Seven Stories earns its reputation for bringing books that might otherwise have been marginalized thunderously into the mainstream conversation.

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