Spring Canzine at TCAF 2021 is Here! ❤️

//website illustrations by Cole Pauls

Woohoo, Spring Canzine as part of TCAF 2021 has officially begun!

From May 8 to May 15, check out hundreds of zine and comic exhibitors online at CANZINE.CA as part of TCAF 2021!

Browse through the four sections of Canzine: Chop City, Glue Grotto, Tape Town, and Sharpen Street. Check out the amazing goodies from exhibitors, attend panels, talks, and more!

//section graphics designed by Jonathan Valelly



Come on Over to Chop City!

Check out the lovely vendors at Chop City like Anisa Rawhani, Adroit Automotive Empowerment, Alyssa Pisciotto, Beth Wagner, Gay 4 Pay Press, VISIO magazine, and loads more!


Get Going to Glue Grotto!

Take a look at the amazing works of vendors at Glue Grotto such as EA Douglas, Cosmic Coupe, FEELS, Fyscuit, Haley Boros, Isabella Cesari, and much more!


Take a Trip to Tape Town!

Support artists and zinesters at Tape Town like AIWS, Carnemia, Laura Salgarolo, Matthew Springer, Mazie Love, MiaPear, Moon Toboggan, and many more!


Stroll on Down to Sharpen Street!

Browse the many goodies at Sharpen Street from exhibitors such as Bit of Bitter Butter, Fly Projects, Friendship to the Max Collective, Sammy Makes Things, Samuel W. Grant (ViewMasterPress), Shizuka Yoshimura, the list goes on!