‘The Adventures of the Frozen Embryos’ illustrates what it’s like to be a frozen embryo seeking to inherit a soul

The Adventures of the Frozen Embryos

Litzine, The Ornamental Hermit, 56 pgs, [email protected], free

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a frozen human embryo seeking to inherit a soul, change the world, and have a good time while doing it? You’re in luck. The Adventures of the Frozen Embryos is a damn entertaining satire illustrating this outlandish concept. It begins with The Pope ordering his Bishop embryos to go grant souls to all of embryo-kind. A series of outrageous scenes follows, parodying modern reality’s hypocrisy and strange logic. All a reader can do is laugh — if anything, this gonzo embryo sitcom is hilarious at times.

With humour at the fore, the politics of this chaotic zine are unclear. It drives the idea of the sentient embryo to its limits, but also challenges the very concept of a soul. Is it merely a critique of Catholic anti-abortion culture? Or does it paint liberal abortion activists with the same brush? Any real point is lost to the brash humour. Maybe that’s the point.

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