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“The Eyes of the Chest” is a rollercoaster of real life issues

The Eyes of the Chest, Litzine, Kate Folk and Toby Goodshank, 24 pgs, , $10.50

Many people can’t agree upon on their opinions about censoring nudity, plastic surgery, and even the concept of virginity. 

In The Eyes of the Chest, each page tells a unique story through a different perspective. It touches on the things we usually don’t discuss including having a miscarriage during an unintended pregnancy, losing your virginity just for the sake of it, and even the illuminati. 

Early on is a tale about censoring nipples on a billboard, which is a timely and appropriate connection to conversation about women breastfeeding in public. On page five it says, “The nipples are the eyes of the chest, was what he always thought when he watched pro wrestling, and the sort of thing he knew he shouldn’t say around his uncles.” Tiptoeing around people’s feelings is a key theme in this zine.

The last story features a man who vacationed all the way to Mexico just to get ass implants, but you’ll have to read it to find out how his holiday ended.

Each short story has intriguing black and white graphics on the following page to match the content and bring the narrative to life. 

The subject changes as you turn each page, but always fits into the theme of issues and topics we’re facing today, despite the fact that it was published two years ago. (Stefanie Ucci)