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Have you ever fallen in love with a zine, but had no idea who made it? Did your search for their name wind up fruitless? Did you cry yourself to sleep, knowing you’d never be able to find that zinester, and tell them just how much their work meant to you?

Boy oh boy do we have something for you!

Broken Pencil Magazine is launching The Great Zine Mystery. Every month, we’ll post a zine and as a community try to find out its origins.

How you can participate:

1. Email a zine you want identified, or any clues about a current mystery zine, to
2. Share the search with your zinester friends and ask, DO YOU KNOW WHO MADE THIS?!
3. Use the hashtag #ZineMystery to share clues and see what others are finding.

If you’re the first to correctly identify the zine, or give us the tip that leads us to the answer, you’ll earn yourself a brand-spanking new BP subscription!

Note: We understand and respect that some zinesters make their work anonymously and don’t want to be identified. If you suspect we’re searching for someone who doesn’t want to be found, let us know! 





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