Uncover the urban garden around you with this zine on fantastic prairie foliage

Edible Plants in Saskatoon

Zine, Locals Only, 20 pgs, localsonly, akaartistrun.com, free

A classic case of a zine offering news and views you can use, Edible Plants in Saskatoon is a rock solid primer of some of the fantastic foliage you’ll find in Canada’s leanest province. Whether you’re a hardcore botanist or just feeling a bit snacky, there is something for everyone here in terms of detail and content. It’s extra nice, because the community-based arts organization behind the zine, Locals Only, describes itself as dedicated to “food security, community-based artworks and intergenerational exchange.” So they have some range!

As for the content, it’s a simple set-up. For each plant featured, you get identification markers, how and when to harvest, and uses. Some of the plants are super common, such as chives and basil. Others have a special Prairie dessert panache — Saskatoon berries and black currant.

It’s all very tasty and informative. In the event our species becomes a bit fucked for food in the future (some would argue we’re already there), an ability to forage and respect local edibles around us will become essential. Works like this are important resources, and also remind us of the importance of sharing knowledge within and across communities.

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