Virtual Canzine 2020: Check Out The 9 Latest Vendors

SWAP Hamilton

SWAP Hamilton is a sex work zine hub that curates a repository of sex workbooks, zines, videos, and other media. Here’s some of the work they’ll be bringing to Canzine:

It’s My First Time, I Swear is a zine written anonymously by a sex worker who tells their stories of their first days at various sex work jobs.

Compiled by Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project, Sex Work Power is a compilation of thoughts, reflections, stories, and art with the purpose of lifting up the lives and legacies of BIPOC queer and trans sex workers.

Matt MacFarland

Matt MacFarland has been making Comics exclusively since 2012. Matt has been published in numerous anthologies, including Sliced Quarterly and Milk and Honey. 4 Seasons of Gary, a comic that collects anecdotes about the MacFarland’s father, will be among the zines they’re selling at Virtual Canzine 2020:

Alexander McMillan

Alexander is a Canadian-born artist. McMillan’s practice focuses on drawing, printmaking and printed matter. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Here’s some of the work he’s bringing to Canzine: 

The Ball’s on the Slates, 2020, book, 52 pages, risograph, perfect bound, ed. of 25
On Recall, 2019, book, 20 pages, risograph, saddle stitch, ed. of 50

Jessica Powers

Canvas Swap Zine (CSZ) is run by WildElement Studios and is a collaborative art zine that brings 3 collaborative artists together to create 3 unique pieces of artwork as well as a solo cover artist. Some of the work they’re bringing to Canzine:

CSZ Issue 7: Cyberpunk – Physical Zine

CSZ Issue 6: Myths & Legends


Shanaz (pronounced shaa-naz) is a Kurdish-Iraqi-Canadian graphic designer and film photographer. Her Laundromat zine is a personal project centred around the theme of how we design and use space in our not-so-post industrial/colonial society. Some of the work she’s bringing to Canzine:

Analog film photographs. Developed, scanned manually. Edited and designed digitally Copied in Black on coloured paper.

Alexa Lima

Alexa Lima is a Black zinester based out of Atlanta, GA. She primarily creates perzines highlighting social and political issues that affect BIPOC. Some of the work she’s bringing to Canzine:

Black Out Poetry Zine Issue #1 is a 1/2 size zine that was created in 2019. It contains thoughts on creativity and existence.

Black Out Poetry Zine Issue #2 is a 1/2 size zine created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains thoughts on creativity, existence and life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Markus Harwood-Jones

Starkiss Creations shares the zines, short novels, visual art, and various other projects created by Markus “Star” Harwood-Jones. Themes include gender, sexuality, identity, sex work, community, mental health, trauma, survival, love, family, and much more. Some of the work they’ll be bringing to Canzine:

Everything and All At Once – 5 Part Zine Series
We Three – Youth Adult Novel

Mary Barba

Mary Barba creates zines about mental health in order to offer support to those with mental illness and to catalogue firsthand experiences with mental illness. Some of the work they’re bringing to Virtual Canzine 2020:

Who Am I? is an interactive zine to help you explore your identity.

Daddy Issues is a zine about how having an abusive, absent, or otherwise inadequate father has changed my life and the lives of two other anonymous writers. Includes firsthand stories and experiences and collage.

Quinn Thibault

Quinn Thibault is a genderqueer interdisciplinary artist who makes tender yet crass zines about trauma, recovery, sex work, mental health, love, community, and many more. Some of the work they’re bringing to Canzine:

Please Just Hold Me is a chaotic, trauma-heavy zine riddled with text and oversaturated imagery. It tackles subjects such as emotional and verbal abuse, mental illness, addiction, and detailed sexual encounters.

Live Laugh Love is a somewhat cynical yet most entertaining compilation of the many ways in which we can find joy, learn how to play, and overall create meaning out of this limited material human existence.