Who’s coming to the Zine Awards?

The first-ever Broken Pencil Zine Awards is less than two weeks away! Of the 175 entries from all over the world, our judges narrowed down the submissions to a short list.

Here’s a list of the short-list zinesters who will be at Canzine Toronto for the Zine Awards!


James Clark
Scissors Zine
From: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Art zine/comic

Greer Stothers
The Satisfactory But Not Especially Good Book of Zoology
From: Puslinch, Ontario
Category: Art zine/comic


Tess Eneli Reid
The Birth of Linda
From: Madoc, Ontario
Category: Art zine/comic


Heather Joan Tam
Ballast Canting No.8: Holdfast
City: Vancouver, British Columbia
Category: Art zine/comic

Shivaun Hoad
You Still Need a Coffin
City: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Perzine


Emily Fin
Don’t Tell Me to Smile
City: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Political Zines


Vincy Lim
They’d Come to Me at Night
City: Markham, Ontario
Category: Perzine

Rin Vanderhaeghe
Forest City
City: London, Ontario
Category: Perzine


Noah Wareness
Meatheads, Or How To DIY Without Getting Killed
City: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Lit Zine


Jenn Woodall
City: Toronto, Ontario
Category: Art zine/comic



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