Zine Review: Drawing Thinking of You Dancing

Drawing Thinking of You Dancing
Comic, Jason Kieffer & Mairi Greig, 46 pgs, jasonkieffer.com, $5.

Jason Kieffer and Maira Greig’s Drawing Thinking of You Dancing is exactly as sweet as it sounds. The zine, which consists of 46 pages of drawings of a dancer, captures the strenuous actions involved with the process. The drawings are strategically placed and sized, some pages
featuring multiple drawings revolving around one big drawing, and some pages featuring rows of
drawings that incrementally become larger until she arrives at the ultimate pose.
While at first glance the zine may seem too repetitive to be all that interesting, the range of positions and
expressions are explored to the point where you feel as if you can feel the dancer becoming more in tune with herself as the workout progresses; you feel the unsteadiness, for example, as she lands incorrectly.
The zine becomes only more visceral with the occasional employment of sound bubbles. The choreography and isolated poses captured in this zine, void of actual motion, allow one to better connect with the dancer as a person. I also like that the title of the zine gives us some information about the emotion behind the zine, and points to admiration. The lack of narrative detail allows the reader to more closely appreciate the drawings and project their own narrative, which makes it only more accessible. (Rachel Davies)

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