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Marie and Worrywart: Comics About Anxiety
Comic, Jenn Woodall, Friendship Edition Press,, $7

An amorphous brick-red blob in living form, aka the Worrywart, sits comfortably upon Marie’s shoulder as we follow them along her day-to-day experiences on her own, while¬†visiting with friends and pursuing her calling as comix artist. Marie suffers from generalized anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders and conversations with the Worrywart. While the lettering on the cover evokes a vintage horror vibe, the clever cover images reference safety manuals or pictorial-instructional manuals. Inside – Woodall’s panel illustrations are meticulously rendered in black, white and red. We get see Marie’s ongoing battle first hand; how seemingly small concerns become exacerbated and her descent into destabilizing pain. The Worrywart is often in the shape of half a brain, but is really the voice from inside her head and takes many shapes. The worse things become, the more the amorphous Worrywart extends and is splayed across the panels. Comics About Anxiety is informative and insightful. It includes a list of helpful resources. The only thing I could possibly comment upon is a need for mention of resources for people who are marginalized or don’t have the financial means or appropriate insurance to access some of the therapy treatments or books.¬†Woodall captures the heartbreaking challenges these conditions bring smartly, with beauty and humour. (Deanna Radford)

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