Zine Review: That Darn Diva Cup


That Darn Diva Cup
Comic, Pun, 2, 3, 7 pgs, pun23.tumblr.com, $3

That Darn Diva Cup is a straight up hilarious explanation of why all of our diva cups are leaking. Ya’ll know the frustration of walking around every month with a diva cup AND a pad on.

Zinemaker Pun, 2, 3 creates a masterful image of a smoking labia/vagina named Clit Eastwood – who I’m fairly certain is carrying a sidearm – who has a conversation with D.J. Diva, a blinged-out diva cup who will teach you about rotating your cup to prevent leakage. The short zine, all in black and white and only 7 pages, will come in handy in terms of both education and hilarity.

Fun fact, Clit Eastwood appears in more of Pun 2 3’s zines, check them out at pun23.tumblr.com.

Check out this bonus excerpt from the zine!

EXCERPTS_That Darn Diva Cup

(CJ Blennerhassett)