Information To Include In Your Own Post-Roe Infozine

It’s key that we build strong, autonomous local networks to support patients including secure treatment pathways in advance of any […]

Call for submissions: New Moon Special

New Moon Special: Tantric Submissions Every month on the Full and New Moons, Solstice wants to highlight one amazing writer. […]

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Zine fests put to the test!

Some went online and others hibernated. Here’s how zine fairs around the world adapted to social distancing restrictions and kept […]

Do you think about prison?

DO YOU THINK ABOUT PRISON?   Many people rarely do. Others have no choice. The same is true of prison’s […]

2021 Annual Indie Book Picks

BROKEN PENCIL PRESENTS OUR ANNUAL INDIE BOOK PICS: the best of the Fall and holiday reading season GRAPHICA Helem Stanley […]

Deep Sniff

  Deep Sniff Adam Zmith, Repeater Books Blue Boy. Locker Room. Pig Sweat. Rush. If these names don’t mean anything […]

The Breaks

  The Breaks Julietta Singh, Coach House Books The Breaks is a touching epistolary love song addressed to the writer’s […]

A Small Homecoming

  A Small Homecoming Furqan Mohamed, Party Trick Press The poems of A Small Homecoming are capsules of culture and […]