Front & Centre

Matthew Firth, editor of Front & Centre, wants his readers to sympathize with the zine’s change in appearance. The “stripped down, cut back, downsized, re-orged” issue is simply packed with six short stories and five reviews. My favourites are: “I really liked it and you liked it too,” a story about a man reuniting with bad seeds from his past; and “The happening,” a piece concerning a woman who wakes up to realize she doesn’t remember a thing from the night before. Each story contains character driven plots that pull the reader in, twists their perception and kicks them back out with a jolt. I enjoyed each story thoroughly and after reading the reviews, I now have five potential books to read. You see, Matthew, someone gives a shit! (LR)

zine, #6, 54 pages, Matthew Firth, $6, 573 Gainsborough Avenue, Ottawa ON, K2A 2Y6

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