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How to Grow Your Own Plants from Veggie Scraps: Zine Review

How to Grow Your Own Plants from Veggie Scraps

Zine, 8 pgs,

Folks on the lookout for DIY, waste-not, want-not tips are in for a treat — and that treat is a vegetable! How to Grow Your Own Plants from Veggie Scraps shows you how to do exactly what the title says. You don’t have to compost those green onion nubs or toss that avocado pit. Make new food with them!

This folded, one-sheet, eight-page zine is abundantly clear in its colour illustrations and concise in its guidance, impressively so for how compact it is. Illustrated and written by hand on notebook paper, the pages have been scanned and resized to fit the one-sheet, eight-page form.

It is by an unnamed creator who sells similarly handwritten and hand-illustrated zines on Etsy under the moniker Outasight Zine.

Re-growing processes are illustrated for avocados, green onions, lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, and more. It is a small but mightily resourceful zine for anyone interested in reducing food waste.

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