If you’re looking for an emotional remedy, read Queer Hex Breakup Magic zine

Queer Hex Breakup Magic

Zine, Noah Kate and Savannah Zavitz, 32 pgs, IG: @queerhex

I feel very fortunate to be in a long-term romantic relationship. I haven’t dated since Tinder became a thing, and routinely feel #blessed by this dumb luck. My partner and I did break up for a few months at one point some years ago, and I dealt with it by drinking a lot, listening to the Smiths, and toying with sexual entanglements that would have been disastrous for all involved. This sounds pretty standard, until you consider that I was closing in on 30 at the time, which is an embarrassing point in your life to finally get into Morrissey. There has got to be another way.

And there is: using actual magic (but never Wicca, for it is supposedly “basic”)! With this zine’s help, you can process a breakup using tarot, the minutiae of your astrological birth chart, and by walking down a high staircase with literal chains looped around your ankles. This zine and its remedies for emotional turmoil are not for me — clearly I found my own way to cope — but maybe they are for you.