‘Peach Fuzz’ undoubtedly has an aesthetic

Peach Fuzz Zine

Art Zine, Chelsea O’Byrne, Marika Vandekraats & Sarah Ellis Clark, 12 pgs, Moniker Press, monikerpress.ca, $5

Risograph printed on copy paper and sewn neatly into a felted pink jacket, this little zine packs a punch for being so short-lived. O’Byrnem, Vandekraats, and Clark — three established Vancouver artists whose work you’ve likely already stumbled across — approach this technically title-less zine with a playful rad-femme aesthetic. Their two-tone (pink and blue) scheme forces the risograph to emulate a xerox machine, achieving that dirty late-’70s feel while being literally wrapped in peach-coloured fuzz. It’s fun.

The trio’s zine aesthetic is less successful when it pushes text to the forefront. Often they’ll place phrases like, “Are you scared of the Big Bad Pussycat?” or “A Good Girl is Hard to Find Find Find” into the bold front-and-centre, veering pretty close to the much-maligned @justgirlythings format. It seems like the three are having more fun when riffing on a Rorschach test in their centerfold or working their reader through the origami instructions to make a paper dress. In all, though, an enjoyable piece.

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