‘Possessed Fanzine #7’, the zine for slackers and haters

Possessed Fanzine #7

Zine, Possessed, 24 pgs, [email protected] free or trade

There is probably something for everyone (and a few things for no one) in the seventh edition of Possessed Fanzine. This San Diego-based zine “for slackers and haters” started out largely with a hardcore punk focus, but has since drifted to become a publication tenuously built on lumpy piles of general pop culture content. It looks great and it feels great. Inside, you’ll find a mix of firsthand essays on music, TV, travel, and whatever else. This zine feels straight out of 1990s central casting and wouldn’t look out of place in a local skate shop or Kinko’s blue bin. The opinions are short and sharp. A little snarky at times but not at all in a random Internet-y fashion. This awesome zine just feels familiar, and will likely echo the sensibilities and experiences of any late Gen X or early Gen Y type who may find it. The best content in this issue is a brisk little Q&A with Swiss tattoo artist Loic VH that digs into art and inspiration. Otherwise, there is also a wave of COVID-era content about tunes, TV shows and films to gorge on while keeping socially distant. I imagine these recos would probably apply pandemic or otherwise.