Pure Animal Instinct

This zine is a collection of three well-written short stories sharing the concept of maturing and growing up in world that is ultimately disappointing. The first story is about a young man who takes to heart the terrible advice on women given to him by a friend who becomes a completely different man years later. The second follows a young woman as she pines for, hooks up with, and is then betrayed by her roommate. The last piece is the musing thoughts of another woman as she reflects on the time she spent as a child up in cottage country with a few other kids. Each of these stories are emotional and thoughtful, mixing together the crushing weight of sadness and disappointment with clear, epiphanies realizing the harsh cruelty of an apathetic world. The stories had me going back in time, searching my own memories with a sort of masochistic nostalgia for the instant where my carefree childhood happiness left me. (Terry Harjanto)

Zine, Dottie Jax, Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine, Syphmag.net, $6