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Static Zine #18 is Cracker Jack box of surprise

Static Zine #15

zine, Jessica Lewis, Aviva Cohen, Melody Lamb (eds.),


“Toodles.” That’s how Jessica Lewis, the editor, signs off in the final issue of this Toronto-based, DIY magazine. This is the final issue of Static, a zine that I never really followed but I got a peripheral sense was kind of a thing. “The end” is a fitting conceptual prompt that contributors riff on in a series of comics, poems, illustrations, and short written pieces. While everything was on topic, not everything jived together perfectly. Take the tender poem “Goodbyes,” a plaintive set of lines addressed to the contributor’s son who has yet to learn the need for stoic self-sufficiency in a lonely world. It’s super moving, and then you read “Virtual Reality: Where Dreams End and Begin Again,” which is a short, oddly laid out mini-essay about how virtual reality will probably be an important thing in the years to come. Static is filled with quirky juxtapositions like this. I mean, there’s something to be said for the Cracker Jack box element of surprise, but part of me would have liked the contributions to flow a little more naturally. But that is a minor complaint, as these contributions were well done, especially the illustrations and comics.

As with all things that end before I manage to get to know them, I am now more curious about Static than ever. What did I miss, exactly? A lot, apparently. According to the introduction, they were really engaged with local entities like NXNE and Camp Wavelength and Luminato. They put on events and even scavenger hunts! It all sounds super impressive. These folks were doers and I missed out on a lot of it. It sounds like they had fun at any rate. Well done, guys! (Chris Landry)

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