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This UFO research journal is up to volume 7, number 4. Its age probably best explains its straight-text aesthetic; pure content to be mainlined directly into Usenet newsgroups and e-mail in-boxes, and to hell with the sound and fury of the Web. An e-zine from an earlier, simpler time. This is not National Enquirer UFO coverage, but a serious report of recent sightings and the investigations going into them. It emanates from the University of Manitoba (although it isn’t a publication of the school) and is written in the reserved, detached tone of an academic researcher. The main feature of the Winter 1996 issue is a detailed look at the recent rash of sightings in Fort Resolution, NWT this past January. It may have been Venus, it may have been something…other. This issue also features a look at an alleged UFO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, a book review and a fairly lengthy selection of reader mail on the topics of implants, crop circles and Carl Sagan.

alt.paranet.ufo, alt.alien.visitors, sci.skeptic, alt.zines (defunct)

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