This pace between us

The first word that comes to mind to describe this collection is “pretty.” Bennett has put together a zine that’s lovely and substantial, visually. Her occasional supplemental doodles, collages and little additions of finesse enhance the short, hand-written pieces we’re given. Bennett addresses loves both familial and romantic, often laden with images of viscera and teeth. The three poem set “public self storage,” structured as lists of advertisements and product names, and standing as the most overtly political piece in the text, could use some whittling down to make it more pointed. As it stands now, its length makes it a little unwieldy. Bennett flips off some interesting turns of phrase effortlessly–referencing “love handles / love brakes” or things “delicate as a rabbit’s open belly.” This collection’s looseness sometimes overpowers these soft moments, but they’re worth digging for, and chewing on for a little while. (Sarah Pinder)

litzine, Andrea K. Bennett, $5, 43F Ontario St, Guelph, ON, N1E 3A9, [email protected]