Yard Times is the result of an innocent passion– that being jumping into moving trains and getting transported to far-off destinations. This issue doesn’t seem quite geared towards the newbie to the topic, as it consists mostly of a poorly-photocopied, handwritten questionnaire intended for fellow trainhoppers. Fortunately, the slim booklet comes replete with two atmospheric stories about journeys past. The author’s passion comes through perfectly in the narratives–I quickly found myself daydreaming about sitting in an empty freight car, watching the winter scenery blur past. While this particular issue is littered with formatting and copying problems, I would recommend hunting down back issues of Yard Times if you are at all interested in trainhopping–whether you’re an experienced traveller or merely a curious daydreamer like myself. (Michael Tau)

zine, issue 5.5, free, [email protected], http://www.theagent headquarters.com/yardtimes.html

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