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By Derrick Taruc

Los Angeles is a sprawling megalopolis where new discoveries are always at hand. Pockets of honest creativity abound — it just takes a little digging to find them. One such worthwhile discovery is Bridgetown Records, a tiny label run by Kevin Greenspon out of his parent’s house in La Puente, a suburb of LA. Bridgetown puts out music ranging from pop to ambient noise, on cassette and CD-Rs in initial batches of 50 to 200. But unlike the direction he feels many independent labels are headed — mirroring the disembodied nature of corporate music culture — Bridgetown is never without a face. “It’s never mindless, nameless or body-less,” Greenspon says. “Every single thing about it is personal.”

Started in 2008, Bridgetown is essentially a one-man show. A very passionate one-man show. From releasing things for people he considers friends, listing his home address in each release, answering every email and order personally, working on every aspect of production (designing covers, gluing labels, burning or dubbing copies, labeling, packaging, and sending them out) it’s all done with a dedication to making it feel intimate. As a reminder of this, Greenspon sends out a fortune cookie with each order, space allowing. He also invites repeat buyers to join his mailing list in which he offers lower prices, presents opportunities for pre-orders, and lists out-of-print releases from his and fellow labels’ catalogues. This sounds like a marketing scheme, but to Greenspon, it’s about inclusiveness and fairness. “What I think is that a lot of labels are unfair to people who like music,” he says. He feels other music fans like himself “shouldn’t have to be ripped off.”

In this Greenspon is referring to overpriced indie releases that are packaged with a little less love than his releases, solely banking on the novelty and buzz of a band or sound as its selling point. “I’m reacting to that,” he says. Thus, he always puts a lot of time and care into packaging and his rates are more akin to old school punk prices (postage paid within the USA) which make his releases much more attainable. As a result of careful curatorship and quality control, every single release is special, more artisanship than pure production.

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