Coffee People zine is one good cup of joe

Zines and coffee: a classic, undeniable match. And now, Kat Melheim has created the perfect zine to go with a steaming cup of joe. The collaborative Coffee People zine, based in Denver, CO, is focused on everything coffee-related: coffee farmers and processors knowing their rights in the workplace, the artists that work with coffee, and the art of preparing coffee itself. For every zine that she sells, Melheim donates $1 to a different coffee charity. As Melheim says, “it’s good stewardship to engage responsibly within this world, I must share my space and my resources.” So, this barista dedicates her free time to running this zine on her own. “There’s a richness and a depth in this community,” she reflects. “I was lucky enough to find it.” You can purchase their issues, print and digital copies, on