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Call it Collateral Damage, call it Scourge,  call it Interference, it doesn’t matter  what you call it, Hamish is making  violence with paper. Two of his recent  endeavors, the Collateral Damage  Marilyn Monroe issue and the Scourge  Summer Sex issue give us the ultimate  Cont. on next page Cont. from previous page  post-content apocalypse, conflictual cut-ups where pictures  lord over text like slave over master. So what does Hamish  say in these zines? Largely nothing. What prose there is cannot  or is not intended to compete. The giant size, laughing,  smiling, pouting Marilyns in Collateral Damage, and the bevy  of splayed out porn babes in Scourge leave us wordless,  stunned by the visceral horror of flesh. But Hamish isn’t  making porn. Like the world of sexual avarice they represent,  these collages are more frightening than prurient. In Collateral  Damage mirror slivers of Marilyn battle for attention.  “Somebody say wet dream?” asks a solitary, cryptic sentence.  In Scourge a woman’s skirted legs provocatively protrude onto  the page as various co-opted headlines argue with each other;  “Prostitution”, one says, “but for a really good cause”, another  posits, “Love and Romance at your fingertips!” insists the final  headline. A dollar sign looms in the corner. With all the  intentionality of a prostitute spreading deadly disease Hamish  argues for nothing more or less than the absolute  unadulterated primacy of the image. Sex, these zines  announce, is nothing other than the effigy of sex. No surprise  that the writing here ~ as in so many other zines ~ is almost  redundant.

zine  main creator: Hamish  publisher: Glareburn  $ 1 plus postage  c/o Hamish, 40 Cavell Ave. #6,  Etobicoke, ON M8V 1 P2  

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