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Once again, an ingeniously different format for this one. And once again, some fine, highly original work by the Swiz himself. It’s instantly obvious that it’s Swiz, but at the same time he’s definitely developing a more interesting strip style. Half stoned doodling, half megalomaniacal ramble, the strips push convention near the limits of intelligibility. It’s still a kick to notice how his main influences by far are veteran Montreal comic artists such as Valium, Trembles and Mavreas. Before these local legends have even gotten their due with any kind of financial success, they’ve already inspired a whole second generation of like artists. Goes to show that it’s the love of the art that’s in action here – as well as a solid scene of devoted, if dirt-poor, artists. Swiz does a good job here of pushing some limits and adding to the innovations made by Montrealers in the field over the years, and shows with these surreal strips that his evolution is far from over. As usual, read this book while thoroughly baked. (LR)

comic, french, 40 pages / main creatore: Mr. Swiz / $4 + $1 postage / 2060 St-Hubert, Montreal, QC, H2L 3Z5

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