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Hailing from the small town of Fergus, Ontario where he was introduced to electronic music via his father’s homemade rack-mod synthesizer, James Harris, known to the blogosphere as DJ Hemingway, has set indie music blogs alight with his electro-funk tunes and skillful remixes. Displaying a scope that hails from jazz and pop influences with loads of unique spunk, the remixes of this electro-funk extraordinare have been picked up by the Hipster Runoff radio program on Sirius satellite as well as indie music blogs worldwide.

“After posting only a couple of remixes, I was pretty surprised when I got an email from an A&R rep at Atlantic records,” Harris muses, considering his recent success with his remix of the NYC band the Virgins’ song “Rich Girls,” which will potentially be released with their upcoming single. “In the mixing stage, I pulled two all nighters of tweaking, just to get the bass deep and punchy, and make everything sound cohesive…. As a producer, you really have to put yourself in a zen-like state of mind and really listen. There can be no distractions. It’s essentially meditation, but with loud noises.”

At the ripe age of 21, Hemingway has just barely set foot on the Internet music scene, but has already garnered international attention. Motivated by the idea that electro kids younger than him like Miami Horror, Shazam, and Louis La Roche are all living the dream, he looks forward to a bright and definitely promising future in the electronic music scene. With a remix in the works for the German producer Justin Faust’s new EP, Hemingway is using his immediate blogosphere fame to build a base for his own personal work: “My goal is to get a solid portfolio of remixes under my belt, become semi-Internet famous, and then put out an EP of originals. If people dig it, I’d like to work more on the DJing aspect and eventually get gigs downtown. Maybe someday put together a label. Until then, I have a lot of work to do!”

You can sample Hemingway’s electro treats on his MySpace page:

DJ Hemingway of indie blogosphere fame

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