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Product of the Issue

Pierogy Finger Puppets

By Lindsay Gibb

Amy Drover is a crafty lady. According to her little business card she is an “Artist Extrodinaire” [sic] and her talents are reflected in the items she makes such as fabric buttons, silk screened items, baked goods and the most fabulous of all (in my opinion), the Pierogi Finger Puppet.

Just as you would imagine, the Pierogi Finger Puppet is a little, felt pierogi-shaped fella with googley eyes and a thread mouth. Each one is a little different because of the proximity of the eyes and the length and shape of the mouth. I picked up one that looks a little worried. No matter how I jiggle the eyes around, he always looks concerned. I picked him up because I could relate with this stressed-out little snack.

Drover has a BA in Studio Arts from Concordia where she learned to silk screen on fabric. She lived and worked in Montreal for the past 10 years, but has recently relocated to her hometown, Toronto. Aside from giving personalities to Eastern European foods, she has contracts to make fabric buttons for bands such as Arcade Fire and Amy Millan.

Check out for more info on her cute crafts.

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