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What do you get when you cross a freelance graphic designer/photo editor with a philosophy professor? The Cheque Republic. It all started when Cheque Republic co-founder Kathryn Weinstein, the graphic designer, took a class at the School for Visual Arts in New York City. The assignment was to design a set of postcards, but she decided to create a set of cheques that expressed her conflicted relationship with commerce. “I wanted them to reflect my feelings about money in my life,” says Weinstein, of this “underused form of communication.” And express them they do. With sayings like “Wage Slave,” “Warning: Economics Has Made Me Selfish,” “C’mon Take It” and “Pound Of My Flesh,” printed on the cheques in bold letters, they reflect the uneasiness many of us feel about participating in a capitalist system. start a business together, hence the cheques of The Cheque Republic, now available to consumers in Canada- and the U.S. Weinstein, who says that she was tired of feeling anonymous when paying her bills says that using the cheques for this task has made it more fun. ” I ‘m noticing that paying bills is just a pleasure, now. It gives me a little kick,” she says. You can order the cheques in a rotating book, or simply get one book of the same type, for about $20 (USD). Oh, the possibilities! Weinstein says that her brother is using the “Wage Slave” cheque to pay for tickets to a work function. Forget bumper stickers, the new wave in communicating your views is by using a cheque. Visit www.thechequerepublic. com for ordering details. $22.50 (Alex Mlynek)

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