Broken Pencil Zine Awards Nominees and Winners FAQ

Congratulations on being nominated for a BP Zine Award! Below is everything you need to know about what happens next!


Hashtag: #BPzineawards

Download Images to post to Facebook, Instagram, Blog and anywhere else HERE. Be sure to link to so that people know where to check out all the nominees and winners. 

Other ideas: 

*Send out a special email to your network letting them know about your nomination/win. 

*Alert local news media that you have been nominated/won an international award. This works particularly well in smaller communities! (They can contact [email protected] if they want to interview anyone at Broken Pencil about the Zine Awards.)

 *Alert any organization you are affiliated with that you have been nominated/won an international award. This would include your university/college alumni office, your workplace, your place of worship, or any other community group you are involved with. They’ll be happy for you and will probably want to spread the word on their social media, email newsletter or elsewhere.



BP Zine Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony featuring the announcement of the winners takes place at The Canzine Festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This event is held annually in late September or early October. It is Canada’s biggest zine fair and features 250 zines and 2000 attendees. At the awards ceremony we will showcase the shortlisted zines and present the winners. The zine fair runs all day from 1pm-7pm, and the awards ceremony begins at 5pm. You will receive an email inviting you to the Awards Ceremony. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend.


Am I going to get an exhibitor table at Canzine Toronto? 

If you have confirmed you are attending the ceremony you will automatically be registered for Canzine Toronto. This means you will be provided a table to exhibit your zine(s) with no additional fee. You will receive an email confirming your interest in being an exhibitor and giving you all the details. If you want to table at any other Canzine city you will need to register on your own at Registration for the various Canzine festivals usually opens in mid July and is first come, first serve.


What if I cannot attend the awards ceremony? 

If you are not attending the ceremony, you will be given the opportunity to prepare a 30 to maximum 90 second video or slide presentation to be shown at the ceremony. This should introduce your work and talk about what makes you do what you do. You can be very creative with these, we’re open to all kinds of different ideas. As well, we will be livestreaming the ceremony through Facebook Live, with details about the broadcast on our Facebook page and at 



How can I get my nominated Zine featured in the BP Zine Store? 

We would love to feature your nominated zine on our store in a special section of award nominees and winners. You will receive an email inviting you to provide copies of your zine to the BP Store, please respond promptly so you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities! You set the price you want us to charge. We take orders, collect the money, ship the zines and send you what we collect. We will take 30% of all orders which covers our costs and puts a bit back in the bank to help with future Zine Awards. We also supply some stores with your zines. When we sell to retail outlets, they buy the zines upfront, so there are no returns. However, because they have to get a piece of the sale, the percentages are different: Store: 35%. BP: 20%. You: 45%. We will also sell the shortlisted zines and winners at Canzine events in 4 cities in the fall and at other events throughout the year. We ask for you to send between 10 and 20 copies and we will request more if we sell out. Unless there is high demand for your zine, you can expect to be paid and receive any requests for more stock once a year in late November. If you are a nominee who wants to be sold in our store, please email [email protected] to confirm that you are sending over your zine. Note, we have two PO Box addresses, please use whichever one is most convenient for you.

CANADA: PO Box 203, Station P, Toronto, ON M5S 2S7 CANADA

USA: PO Box #177, Sanborn, NY 14132 USA.


How I can get the BP Awards Nominee/Winner stickers? 

We will provide these free of charge. You can easily make more stickers when you run out by downloading the template HERE and printing at your local printshop or at vistaprint. You can expect to receive these stickers in the mail a few weeks after the awards ceremony.

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