By Paddy Scott

404: The page you are looking for, Chatbroad, cannot be found. If you believe you are receiving this message in error there are several possibilities:

Paddy Scott just got back from a winter camping trip and thought that was nice. Been toiling over words more or less fruitlessly for a long time. Continues hitting ‘refresh’ to no great effect, therefore a routine is nicely in place and being followed to the letter. He’d do it all again except for the one thing. How many words is that? Oh, a big fan of kiddies Joey and Julie. Huge. Also Feathertale, FreeFall Magazine, Bywords and others.

Perhaps the page has been taken off-line by the owner. Relax. Contact owner of page to verify its continued existence, and/or that you have not been blocked for some reason. If you cannot contact owner of page you may attempt to test for problems within your own configuration, and fix problem locally, if you believe that availability still exists with Chatbroad and your permissions are in good standing. Test access to other pages within the same platform. If unsuccessful, or denial of service message appears, then perform the following tasks:

Purge your history file. The page you are attempting to load may still contain residual ‘YOU_modules,’ ‘Null_YOU widget initializer’ functions, global ‘hate’ functions, or carousel initializer malfunction messages.

Delete cookies then try re-loading. If you receive message ‘You cannot delete cookies’ then Null_YOU is still present and been given a variable direction designation, which will equal zero direction in these instances. Null_variable types, including YOU_mode types, equal (=) no.type.approval when gifs/jpgs are still present.

A word of caution: Variable slides including text slides included in previous conversations may still exist and therefore will be stored in memory on the page in question, which is expressed as ‘≥ zero slides visible’, even if Variable pagination = zero pagination. The designations will remain TRUE without page numbers, existing in stacks in ‘Carousel’ and Variable dispersal still can occur on that end, if webmistress so desires. Otherwise dispersal = ‘nothing’. Or if direction = ‘nothing’, dispersal = ‘negative nothing’, and all other variables of YOU_mode = ≤ zero, in which case the ‘Instance Names’ you’ve entered in the past (eg. SLUT, WHORE, FEMINIST BITCH in HEman/WHC, basic) contained in the configuration column of the standard ‘Objectification’ text_carousel carousel, are now empty placeholders, until assigned a specific file name (eg. SHEcow_config_file.) If slides are missing then the column will read ‘False’. And if that is the case, then all YOU_Control widgets are dumped in an ‘Illusion’ file, awaiting ‘garbage collection’ (CG) and allocation on the ‘heap.’


What to do if you suspect YOU_Control widgets have been dumped in the Illusion file:

If you wish, you can attempt to delete all traces of YOU by first finding You_mode Location then striking the ‘delete’ key as hard and as often as you can. That much is always ‘True’ in every instance at your end. Except in instances where files cannot be deleted, such as your_location, because as was stated above, YOU_control is now in the ‘Illusion’ file, pending allocation to the ‘heap’. Here too you will find all previous Text_Message messages sent from your_location, which can be deleted (or not) at the same time by adding ‘false’ as a term, highlighting and then striking ‘delete’ key at each occurrence of  ‘Show previous xslides’ where x is the text file name (see notation re SLUT, WHORE etc. above.)  Then ‘Enter’ to deny future accountability. And while the same does not apply to any future texts, picture files etc. sent, any texts in ‘Show next slide’ file, if labelled ‘True’, can be deleted in the same manner as above by relabelling ‘False’. (As always, ‘Pagination’ is redundant; instances are always obvious, therefore equal (=) Pagination_Zero, and will be remembered in a single long string after the event and for the lifetime of the event, which is sometimes referred to as ‘The_Movement’.)

Mass delete using ‘AutoRotateThis’ command cannot be done from your_location. That is another False label and every attempt will not only exacerbate accessibility issues, but be stored in the HER_mode history file. You cannot delete that history file from your_location.

To complete Control_Restore function (eg. at each ‘Seemydick’ request command, available in HEman Pack basic pack) where you would select True, to transition to ‘HORIZONTAL’, for the duration of the event (eg. erection). Other ‘Initial Displaced Items’ (disp), including variable subfiles Humanity, Caring, Love are on a separate mode equal to but not less than the HeHATE_LOADER.modules, and stored on a separate sub carousel (eg. mods.comp.carousel/secretdesire/seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime) and labelled TRUE to protect from accidental deletion.) Java scripts (js) must be disabled.

*note: YOU_mode will be still remembered in HER_mode History File, which cannot be deleted from your_location.)

*note: ‘/regret/carousel/v-101Heman/carousel.js’, requires both a ‘YOU_core’, plus ‘node’ and ‘ngage (‘ngage’ is always NULL). Then instantiate the module YOU_LOADER using YOU_carousel functionWTF. (If necessary download a carousel app at HEmanWHC store for its repeat functionality, to initiate unlimited instances of BITTER_YOU_Carousel, with or without function HER.) Then choose Y to engage more than one instance of NoRegrets file and overwhelm HER_mode, then delete BITTER_YOU sub file; or N to attempt a restore to original settings. You cannot restore from your location. Instructions follow.

Choosing Y:

Starts the YOU/HER config with preloaded ‘embeddedher’ files and  EMBEDDEDHER MODULES. The file you will want to find is not in the YOU module, but is located in the HER module, and can be generated from a ‘YOU and HER’ configurator, which can also be downloaded from the HEman website, and will also offer after-market support at http://you.yayou.com/combo/her3.2.1/bye/you-base/you-basic-mf (or see source-error msg file for additional instructions). Referred to as Despair Pack, it includes ‘Source of Hate Error Remedy’, known as ‘Misogyny Error Admission’ in earlier versions, and occurs when YOU_configurator does not allow outside access or ‘ngage’, resulting in a conflict between modules YOU and HER, where HER is always being overridden at point of input, also referred to as M_SPlaining. Conflict frequently results in FATAL ERROR msg. Quite often followed by BSOD. (Blue Screen of Death)

To re-engage or simply monitor the HER module for ‘ghost’ instances of unwanted memory files, Tracking modules can be turned on with switch Y/N-Trac, (highlight Y then enter). If tracking modules are unavailable in your purchased Despair Pack please refer to on-line manual under FATAL ERROR/drunkenregret/dick. Or uninstall PRELOADED_MODULES_LIKEAPORNSTAR and reinstall in Safe Mode. You cannot open Safe Mode from your_location.

Choosing N (no):

At this publishing there are no solutions for N (no) from the HER modules, as HER modules tend to freeze after x input of Y (yes) requests. Therefore further requests get dumped automatically into History file. N always means N. You cannot delete History file from your_ location.


How to override N (no) requests launched from HER_mode:

At time of publishing there is only one solution, ‘Overlaying’ old with new ‘ethiccode’ at ‘HERCode-syslib.’ At command prompt enter as ‘guest.’ Then transfer files from your pre-existing Pharmafiles (phx) files stored in YOU_module/privacy/shhshh. Then insert command DOWNLOADDATERAPE/takeit. In the unlikely event you do not have such a file, it is readily available as a CLUBDRUG sub-file in EMBEDDEDHER_MODULES_UNETHICAL apps available through WWW.BACKALLEY.edu) Then input command ‘YOUWANTTHIS’. At Y/N select Y. (Note: All mode alterations and attempts at access will still continue to be stored in HER_History file. You cannot delete this Her_History file from your_location either.)

What to do if you get a ‘Detected a complex hardware event/custom event in a plug-in host configmoralbuild’ message:

We tried to warn you. This is attributed to a design flaw in all HATEbase-loaders found in YOU_modes. As this is the most likely case you may try selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Y/N) at the early-trial registration command prompt (beta version).

Selecting Y:

Gets message ‘Query-strings at HER_mode level have exceeded their limit.’ Don’t panic. You will be routed to ‘Registry’ prompt and required to register all YOU_mode sub-files, including /pharm, /dick, /tracking_history and /text_slides with the webmistress.

Selecting N:

Gets message ‘FATAL ERROR. Failed to register.’ There is no reboot from your_ location. Safe Mode is not an option. At this you should try contacting any support personnel at your disposal. Additional messages to follow:

‘Detected an error you cannot recover from.’ Error code will automatically be copied to the honestmistake_error log, and be sent to appropriate environmental remediators.

If BSOD (BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH) event occurs then it is likely that all your efforts have created a MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH and you have been shut down to prevent cross-contamination with other sites (see 404 message page 1, for possible solutions). If this the first time you have seen this BSOD screen, you may attempt to restart your computer after performing a ‘hard stop.’ If this screen appears again, the most likely determination is a corrupt YOU_mode file. Keep calm. A remediator is on her way.


Technical information:

0x000000 = stop

0x00000023 = Summary of YOU_mode. Is using an out dated function to query for a file or drive; the function will no longer be tolerated.