Canzine Vendor Information

Thank you for registering for Canzine West 2012! Please read the following carefully.

Dear Canzine West Vendor!

Thank you for registering for Canzine West! Please read the following carefully.

*Canzine West happens on Saturday, November 17.

*We will be taking over all floors and rooms of the W2 Centre.

*Load in starts at 11 AM on the day of the event. You’ll be able to load in through the main front doors. You MAY NOT load in after 12:30.

*If you have not arrived by 12:30 your spot will be given to a vendor on our waiting list. Your table fee will not be refunded.
*There will be volunteers at the entrance with clipboards and magazines; please be sure to check in with these volunteers before loading in or looking for your table. We appreciate your patience, as it will be busy at this time!
*After our volunteers have checked you in you will be able to set up your table. You will be told what number your table is. Tables are assigned at random. Please do not move any of the tables or labels; if you have any concerns, please speak to a volunteer. On your table you will find your copy of Broken Pencil as well as information from Canzine West friends and sponsors.
*Canzine goes to 7pm. Paying customers will continue to arrive at Canzine as late as 6pm. So please do not begin unloading your table until after 7pm.
*If you are no longer able to attend Canzine West for any reason, please email us at [email protected]  as soon as possible as we may have a waiting list of people hoping to get a spot.

•   Vendors will have a maximum 3 feet of space at a 6’ by 2’ table. There will be two vendors per table.
•    Vendors are responsible for their own table dressings. Please bring your own tablecloth.

• Vendors must bring their own cash float if they plan to make sales; a price list is also a good idea.
• Vendors are encouraged to bring a banner or sign to identify their publication or group.
•  Vendors are responsible for maintaining a clean space. We will provide you with garbage bags and it is your responsibility to use them! Note: vendors must clean up their garbage and leave their space as they found it – clean and free of debris.

• Members of Broken Pencil will be asking vendors if they would like to submit their zines and comics to be reviewed in upcoming issues of the magazine. If you would like to be reviewed, please bring an extra copy of your publication and make sure that the contact information, ordering information and price are clearly marked.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great Canzine!