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Deathmatch 2010

Indie Writers Deathmatch III

It’s all over. It’s all Eshleman. We salute the Deathmatch 2010 champion.
The Deathmatch will return.


Three Dudes, Some Drugs, and a Bear by Jordan Abel

By the time the acid took hold, we were halfway to Edmonton. Tommy rode shotgun, a cigarette dangling from his dry lips, and Bear scrunched in the back seat, shifting constantly. Johansson, our first year roommate, had called us on his cell a few hours ago, breathing heavily, saying that he needed to get out, that everything had gone wrong.

“Talk to me, Joe,” I had said.

“Stay back, you fuckers! Stay back!”

“What the fuck, Joe? Is this a joke?”

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Gotta Be Another Way
 by Nelson Eshleman

It was round about the time Winthorpe Power Corp. posted its $500,000 reward that my public spirit kicked in. I didn’t set the blasting caps on the Dyno Nobel Vibrogel that blew up four electrical shacks halting construction for two months on the nuclear plant project at Pettifer Lake. I simply told the police who did it.

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