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Retail Outlets

Welcome to our collection of retail outlets that sell zines. If you know of a retail outlet that sells zines and other self-publications that should be on our list, email [email protected]


Art Metropole (Toronto) –  An artist run gallery and bookstore selling art books, zines, prints, and exhibited art. (Facebook)

The Beguiling
(Toronto) – One of Toronto’s best known and beloved comic retailer located in the city’s Mirvish Village. (Facebook)

Faith/Void (Toronto) – An independently run outlet for subculture shop for DIY and underground work. They specialize in records, cassettes, zines, and other independent publications. (Facebook)

Likely General (Toronto) – Likely General is a Toronto shop and gallery selling work done by artists and artisans. (Facebook)

Page and Panel (Toronto) – The official shop of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) located inside the Toronto Reference Library. (Facebook)

Type Books (Toronto) – An independent community bookstore with two locations in Forest Hill Village and across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. Type Books specializes in fiction. small press, art, and children’s literature.

Monastiraki (Montreal) – A “curiosity shop” and art gallery selling art prints, small press, zines, and other unique treasures. (Facebook)

British Columbia
Horses Records (Vancouver) – Horses Records buys, sells, and trades music, books, and zines. (Facebook)

Lucky’s Comics, Books, and Gallery (Vancouver) – A book shop and gallery specializing in comics. (Facebook)

Project Space (Vancouver) – A non-profit organization  that acts as a small publisher, bookseller, and is host to the Vancouver Art/Book Fair. (Facebook)

Pulpfiction Books (Vancouver) – With three locations around Vancouver, Pulpfiction Books hosts one of Western Canada’s largest selection of new and used books. They buy and sell books and carry a small selection of independent magazines and zines.

Regional Assembly of Text (Vancouver; Victoria) – A small stationary and gift shop that has two locations in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. It is also home to the lowercase reading room. (Facebook)

Rx Comics (Vancouver) – A Vancouver comic shop. (Facebook)

Spartacus Books (Vancouver) – A non-profit, volunteer-run bookstore carrying books, zines, periodicals, and more. (Facebook)

Zulu Records (Vancouver) – A new and used record store that also sells zines. (Facebook)


Mondragon (Winnipeg) – An independent cafe and bookstore located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco) –  A landmark independent bookstore and publisher specializing in books, art, and small press. (Facebook)

Needles and Pens (San Francisco) –  An indie bookshop selling in zines, art, and hand-made goods. (Facebook)

Modern Times Bookstore Collective (San Francisco) – A new and used bookstore located in San Franciso’s Mission District. (Facebook)

Rock Paper Scissors Collective (Oakland) – A volunteer-run organization that specializes in teaching, selling, and exhibiting art. (Facebook)

Mountain Fold Books (Colorado Springs) – A non-profit bookstore selling publications of poetry and visual art. (Facebook)

Quimby’s Bookstore (Chicago) ­– A bookstore specializing in indie-published and small press books, zines, comics, and other “bizarre periodicals.” (Facebook)

Boxcar Books (Bloomington) – A volunteer-run bookstore and community space that sells small press and independently published books and zines. (Facebook)

Atomic Books (Baltimore) – An independent bookstore selling a plethora of items including zines. (Facebook)

New Mexico
Astro-Zombies (Albuquerque) –  A vibrant comic shop selling comics, toys, and records. (Facebook)

New York
Bluestockings (NYC) – A volunteer-run radical bookstore and fair trade café. They sell magazines, zines, journals, and other hard to find things. (Facebook)

Desert Island (Brooklyn) – A comics store, publisher, and organizer of the annual Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. (Facebook)

Printed Matter (NYC) – A non-profit organization and bookstore selling selling artist made publiscations. (Facebook)

Mac’s Backs (Cleveland) – Established in 1978, Mac’s Backs sells new and used books and magazines. (Facebook)

Powell’s Books (Portland) – Established in 1971 with three locations in Portland and one in Beaverton, Powell’s Books buys and sells new and used books. (Facebook)

Reading Frenzy (Portland) – A small specialty bookstore selling comics, zines, books, and magazines. (Facebook)

The Big Idea Bookstore (Pittsburgh) – A collaborative bookstore and café since 2001 that specializes in feminists, multicultural, and LGBT+ works. (Facebook)

Wooden Shoe Books and Records (Philadelphia) – A volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist bookstore. (Facebook)

Velocity Comics (Richmond) – Richmond’s friendly, neighbourhood comics shop since 2003. (Facebook)

Elliot Bay Book Company (Seattle) – A unique bookstore located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood. (Facebook)

Left Bank Books (Seattle) – Collectively operated since 1973, Left Bank Books sells books, zines, and other periodicals. (Facebook)



Planet Books (Perth) – An independent bookstore specializing in arthouse, cult, and classic books. (Facebook)

Polyester Books (Fitzroy) –  A bookstore selling unique and bizarre books, zines, magazines, and videos. (Facebook)

Le Monte-en-l’air (Paris) – A bookstore, art gallery, and café all in one place located in Paris, France. (Facebook)

Druck Dealer (Hamburg) – A german artisan shop selling prints, books, zines, and clothes.

Pro QM (Berlin) – specializing in german books, zines, and magazines. (Facebook)

Supalife Kiosk (Berlin) – A store and gallery that acts as a community centre for local independent artist. (Facebook)

New Zealand
Matchbox Studios (Wellington) – An art gallery, gift shop, and creative space offering DIY workshops for local artists. (Facebook)

Irregular Rhythm Asylum (Tokyo) – An infoshop carrying zines, publications, and goods related to cultural movements and the DIY scene in Japan. (Facebook)

South Korea
Your-Mind (Seoul) – A bookshop located in Seoul selling books, zines, magazines, music, and stationary. (Facebook)

56a Infoshop (London) –  A volunteer run DIY social centre. (Facebook)

Bookart Bookshop (London) – A bookshop offering small press publications and artist books. (Facebook)