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Perzine, Liza, Issue 1,, $1

Creative Evolution is a zine that took me straight back to my own youth: rooftop singing with friends, first crushes on girls, boys, pixie cuts, all-ages concerts and dealing with parents. While this subject matter runs the risk of being trite, Creative Evolution is not. Far from it. Liza’s sincerity is not teenage posturing. In fact, it is careful and self-conscious. Her prose reminds me of Michelle Tea (Valencia, etc.) as she beautifully, but matter-of-factedly tells her stories of love, rage and special moments. Creative Evolution is classic: quarterpage, stapled, black and white, white cutout word banners and hand-drawn images. Liza has written her email address for trades/letters/ideas on the back. Photocopied constellations dot the backgrounds on most pages. My favourite parts are Liza’s comics. In Creative Evolution #2: the pizza on the floor edition, her line drawings perfectly depict her nervousness as she professes her love to a girl (with Kimya Dawson’s “My Rollercoaster” playing in the background). The dilemma of whether or not to hold her crush’s hand was as agonizing to read now as it was to experience as a teenager (and still is, truth be told!). The cover image says it all; two hands with black sharpie Xs (demarcating their underage
statuses) at a show, thumbs just barely touching. Everything about this zine makes my heart melt. My one criticism to Liza would be the section “shitty poetry time!!” Not because
it was shitty — quite the opposite, it was awesome! Own your poetry, girl! (Amy Siegel)

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