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What is Canzine?

Canzine is a festival of zines and underground culture. This year, Broken Pencil Magazine is hosting the festival in four different cities: TorontoWinnipegCalgary and Vancouver.

Is there an entry fee?

No! Admission to all Canzines is free! You’ll also get a free copy of Broken Pencil‘s upcoming fall issue.

What happens at Canzine?

Vendors and creators of comics, zines and underground art gather together to show off their stuff. In Vancouver, we’ll also have a Pizza Punks Zine Party hosted by Zine Awards winner Cole Pauls, and a panel on witchcraft, feminism and the indie arts. In Calgary, along with the vendors, we’ll have all ages zine zone, a chapbook and binding workshop, a panel on zines and self-publishing as resistance in the digital age, and much more!

How do I browse Canzine?

✿  Pick up a program to check out the vendor list and event times.
✿  Make sure you hit all four rooms.
✿  Don’t be shy about chatting with people, especially vendors!
✿  Make sure you bring $$$, preferably small bills and change, because most vendors won’t have credit card machines.
✿  Tweet us a photo of your swag @brokenpencilmag using the hashtag: #Canzine.

How much money should I bring to Canzine?

Whatever amount you’re comfortable spending. Some people buy just a couple $3 zines, while some people save up all year so they can spend hundreds. Entry is free, which helps with budgeting. Just make sure you bring small bills and change!

How much time should I spend at Canzine?

With vendors, panels, workshops and much more to see, it’s a good idea to budget your time based on how much you’d like to see. The festivals are open for six hours, so make sure you pace yourself!



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