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Comic, Dune Mesa, dinner-at-ninas-by-dune-mesadune-mesa-is-dave, $3

I’m not really sure where to start with the thoroughly bizarre Dinner at Nina’s. The product of a series of jam sessions between Toronto comic artists Chester Brown, Jordan Bursach, Nina Bunjevac, Dave Lapp and Dalton Sharp, it’s surreal at times, graphic at others. Food is a theme that appears throughout, as is sex, but not in a George Constanza “Let’s incorporate food into our love making” kind of way. It’s much more remote and sinister at the root, as humans and various creatures torment each in other various ways. Production-wise, the comic is a good length and the drawings are universally solid, careening back and forth style-wise and giving a nice amount of variety to the production. One suggestion — and I know this might be tricky for a jam comic— would be to try and keep things more linear. It’s hard to follow page-to-page so it comes off as being more a collection of concepts rather than a static work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but after reading and re-reading the comic three times, I was definitely left with a bit of a “WTF?” feeling when I attempted to digest it as a whole. Just be advised that if you pick up a copy of Dinner at Nina’s, don’t fret over the focus — go along for the ride and enjoy the chaos. (Cam Gordon)

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