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Comic, Sarah E Hoffman and MJ Alexander,, price not listed

There’s a lot going on in this awesome comic, set in the bolus-based arena of competitive eating. It sounds like a lark and it is, but there’s also a nice balance between action, humour and (oddly) suspense in the story of the rivalry between Mac and Colby, two competitive eaters with (ahem) a TASTE for competition. This comic looks great — crisp, detailed drawings that take the reader to the carnival circuit, stage shows and other highstakes locales within the competitive eating world. Both Mac and Colby are kinda assholes, and they taunt each other as the pizzas, cookies and other foodstuffs pile up. They binge. They barf. They bash each other’s faces. It’s all good. As a nice added touch, Colby’s corner man is dressed up like a man-sized ice cream cone, which is all kinds of amazing over-and-above the primary story arc. The comic also gives a nod to anti-competitive eating pundits (they’re out there) who issue decrees that the “sport” for being wasteful and oblivious to world hunger, etc. Fair point! If you can get past the vapid consumption though, there’s a lot to like in Extreme Eaters — if this kind of comic whets your appetite. (Cam Gordon)

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