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ZINES_Maggie-FeelsComic, Maggie Feels,

Maggie Feels draws the people in her sto­ries simply and clearly and draws the let­ters in her stories with massive texture and tone. The words are at times hand­written, at times blocky, often fuzzy and covered in fur, and always intricately drawn. Everything in this collection of comics is different from everything else. There is no unifying lettering, background, or page structure. There is, however, a unifying personal, intimate theme.

The author’s voice is both sure and clever, willing to delve in to feelings of  both strangeness and confidence. She’s able to flip between stories about sad­ness, putting her foot in her mouth, or her favourite things, without it being jar­ring or disconnected. Throughout all of the stories there is anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, patterns, Lynda Barry and, most importantly (for this reader) Twin Peaks. One of the first panels features the main character hiding under a blanket with her feels and immediately you are invited in to that intimate space. Pick it up if you want to make a blanket fort and swoon over Special Agent Dale Cooper. (CJ Blennerhassett)

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