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ZINES_Nom-Nom-TimeNom Nom Time Vol. 1
Food zine, Jackie Lee,, $5

Take three parts illustration and one part hand lettering and Nom Nom Time Vol. 1 makes for a sweet little recipe instruction manual.

Each step is illustrated by hand with details listed or labeled. It’s great because the drawings remove the need for exactitude and the act of prepping eats is made quick and easy. The inside of Nom Nom Time is in black and white. As with all good cookbooks, the ingredients should dash the pages with colour the more it’s used. The only drawback is that the cover is so lovely it would be a shame to see a splatter of berry juice or tomato sauce on it. Presumably, the portrait on the cover is of author and illustrator Jackie Lee and she’s wearing a tall, tall chef ’s hat. She and Nom Nom Time Vol. 1 are rendered in gold ink on white cardstock.

Lee’s skill and fondness for illustration, zine-making and sharing are clear. The recipes inside are a mix of treats and comfort foods: Fruity-Splosion Muffins, Zucchini Shake N’ Bake, Nutella Crispy-Crisps, Veggie Lasagna, Salmon Fritters, Maple Bacon Potato Salad and Lettuce Wraps. (Deanna Radford)

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