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Simon Fraser University’s Public Interest Group offers up a random sampling of the concerns of their community. There are in-depth articles on Canadian military presence in Haiti and unpacking the concept of terror, as this issue’s focus in on “debunking the myth of ‘Canada the good.'” Outside of dissecting topics of current events, there’s the usual smattering of self-conscious criticism of the university system and the idea of paying for education that’s pretty common in left-leaning student publications. These aren’t the magazine’s strong points. Antithesis succeeds in its more in-depth, less self-focused articles. Highlights include an article on women in maximum security prisons in Canada and an article on knitting breast- forms (soft shapes used to fill a bra) as a means of healing emotionally from the trauma of breast cancer. (They even include a pattern, so you, too, can knit your own breasts!) (Sarah Pinder)

SFPIRG TC326, SFU Burnaby, BC V5V 1G6

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