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Short, funny, well-drawn and relatable. A few weeks ago a guy I had been to elementary school with saw me in line for a train. He said hello, I said hello and we talked about nothing for a little bit, but soon things got awkward and we started doing that staring-off-into-themiddle-distance thing like we were both thinking about really serious things and not just trying to avoid conversation. I noticed he had one of those giant thick paperback fantasy novels with him, one with a unicorn and a half-naked man on the cover. I asked him what it was about, and he explained it to me. For 45 minutes. Things got more and more awkward as I ran out of things to say and just started nodding every time it sounded like he’d finished a sentence. This has happened to you, right? That’s what this comic is about, but funnier. (Emma Healey)

Comic, Phil McAndrew Found Hat Press,


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