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Crab Boy: Year of the Crab is probably a comic zine, in that it has drawings that seem to be attempting to interact with the reader. However, the comic itself is confusing and unfunny. It gives the reader the feeling of being on the outside of an inside joke, which is okay, because you probably didn’t want to play with these guys anyway. This issue claims to be “50% funnier.” One can only shudder to think what it was like before. The notes throughout, pleading with the reader for patience and understanding, do not help and seem to say that the creators know how bad their zine is, but have no idea how to improve it. Except with drawings of cats: the random kitty drawings throughout were a bright spot. Maybe this zine will eventually be worth reading, if it keeps getting funnier by 50 percent increments. Maybe it should be re-visited about five issues down the line. (J. Blackmore)

comic zine, Loki Productions, issue 4

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