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Was I ever thrilled to get another issue of this zine to review! Lickety Split is hot, hot, hot wearing smartpants. The photos never disappoint. Thanks for getting my lover all riled up while I was working my way through my other reviewing material, I had the yummiest break. If you wanna learn to take your very own porno pics, Goodwyn has provided you with the bravery guide of how to’s. I always enjoy the “Highly Fuckables List” compilation, we all have one of those, and it’s fun to read others. The stories are well written, and the interview with Sharon Davies, Suicide Girls Photographer for Montreal, was particularly interesting. This zine rounds up the talented and sexy artists of Montreal under the cover blanket of Sherwin Tija’s art. Three cups pansexual presentation of sexuality, a dash of cute panties, a tablespoon of titty shots, and one part cock shadow art–.now how can you go wrong with that? Amber has got genius smudged all over her inky fingerprints. (heze douglas)

P.O Box 1783, Station H, Montreal, QC, H3G 2N6,

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