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Nashville Femme is a spirited, woman-positive zine made by two friends in Nashville. I like it because it is smart, but particularly because it is so energetic and enthusiastic. Despite the fact that the subject matter ranges from promiscuous Halloween costumes for young girls to violence against women and negative body image, these young women have managed to keep it enthusiastic and positive, and manage to escape the stereotypical angry F-word feminist stigma. Fagot and Zenger are two women who want to make the world a more positive, safer place for everyone.

The only potential problem with Nashville Femme is presented in the cover illustration; a naked woman who conforms to North American conventional beauty ideals does not necessarily contradict the contents of the zine, however after reading about girls’ body image and women for whom a size two is not attainable, the cover illustration appears to be a reinforcement of American beauty ideals. The articles inside the zine are well written and informative, although they could be longer since they are so interesting. These two young women donate all proceeds to local Nashville women’s groups and overall lend a positive energetic voice to feminism in their zine. (Grace Evans)

Zine, Erin Fagot and Katie Zenger, Nashville Femme, P.O. Box 330842, Nashville, TN 37203, USA,

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