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zine review:

Rigor Mortis #1

Rigor Mortis is a horror zine that focuses on zombies. There is a thoughtful introduction outlining the benefit of a zombie fan­zine discussion of horror on paper verses on the Internet: “to read in postings that some people actually think recent films such as 28 Days Later or the remake of Dawn of the Dead are pinnacles just makes us cringe.” The zine includes general hor­ror/zombie knowledge and reviews. The first lengthy review is of a 1988 film Flesh Eater, that simultaneously criticizes and celebrates the film in a ‘it’s-so-bad-it’s­good way,’ concluding the review with an enthusiastic: “This is classic trash!” Rigor Mortis includes numerous book reviews, a comic profile on Tom Savini (“Master of Gore”), the top 10 zombie graphic novels and the top 10 zombie moments of 2008. The reviews are lengthy, detailed and from an informed, critical perspective. Overall this zine is thoughtfully made, and while the wordiness and knowledge­able view the makers have might be a lit­tle overwhelming for those new to horror fan culture, this could be a good intro­ductory guide or quality review guide for fans of horror. (Grace Evans)

zine, Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 11064, Baltimore, MD, 21212,,, $4

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