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zine review:

Small Potatoes: Delicious Vegan Food to Cook, Share and Enjoy

This undeniably cute cookzine makes me excited every time I look at it. Equipped with a gingham-print cover, hand-drawn illustrations and full-colour photographs, it is clearly a product of love. The recipes are all fully vegan and include a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes and desserts. The key to vegan cooking is good ingredients and a whole lot of patience. If you are like me and are used to the typical ol’ unhealthy, refined pantry then be prepared to spend a bit more cash on groceries and a bit more time in the kitchen. Don’t be discouraged if you screw up on the first try, these recipes are worth the effort and you’ll learn something in the process. (Katharine Snider-McNair)

Zine, Lisa Gorman, Jason Bradshaw,,,, $5

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